nexus 6The Google Nexus 6 for AT&T is the latest entry by the search engine giant into the smartphone arena. There is no doubt that Google is trying to make a big splash by creating a smartphone experience that is unique, yet offers many of the features that people want in their mobile devices. It retails at over $600 at AT&T unless you can find a promo code that probably cuts the final cost down to $0.

The Nexus 6 is a larger-size smartphone that is colloquially called a “phablet” as in a cross between a tablet and a phone. While not nearly the size of recognizable tablet, the large screen is certainly one that will garner attention. However, while the 5.96″ screen size may be the first thing that people will notice, it is not the most impressive aspect of this device.

This is the first smartphone to be run using the Android Lollipop 5.0 system and it really shows off the features of this device. The 3GB of RAM and the Qi-chargeable 3220mAh battery will last a long time while running your programs quickly and efficiently on the screen. Run by a 2.7 Ghs Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor, this unique phone also features a Andreno 420 GPU.

There are no physical buttons on the device which means that everything operates off the large screen which is definitely wider than normal and will require both hands for adequate operation. The 3GB of RAM is backed by either a 32GB or 64GB of internal storage for all of your needs.

While it is thin enough to fit into your pocket, you may have a little difficult extracting it given its width. Still, this is one impressive smartphone in terms of what it is designed to do. The 13MP camera is standard, although it does function nicely in most lighting situations. Playing video, music and games is no problem either considering the amount of RAM that is available and the size of the screen which made watching the screen easy to do. With specs like these you would think it will will expensive? Smart consumers will find plenty of Nexus 6 discount codes to use on AT&T.

Obviously, one of the advantages to the Nexus 6 is the availability of all the nifty Google features such as their line of apps, Gmail, Maps, Play Movies and TV. Combined with the Android 5.0 Lollipop system, it makes it very easy to access these features which mean that users can get to them quickly and switch from one to another.

One of the niftiest features is the lockscreen notifications which come out to the forefront with alerts for emails, texts, new app updates and the like. While normally such features would incur a privacy issue, Google has addressed that with its “Sounds and Notifications:” menu that keeps your privacy all with just a few settings.

Although a bit on the expensive side however you should be able find a coupon code from AT&T online to lower the cost. With a screen that is not quite as big as some of the competition, the Google Nexus 6 is certainly an impressive phablet that offers plenty of features, fast displays and frankly everything you could ask for in a large smartphone. For those who prefer size and speed, the Nexus 6 may be the perfect choice for you.

  • Huge Display Screen
  • Solid 13MP Camera
  • Qi & Turbo Charging
  • Android Lollipop System
  • Solid, Dependable Features


no contract phones for Black FridayHave you thought about getting a smartphone without contract this Black Friday. The phones are typically more expensive upfront when compared with a contract phone with heavy susidies from carriers like Verizon Wireless and Sprint. If you at beyond the phone price itself the plans are totally worth the money. Cutting yourself loose from a contract means more freedom and in most cases will cost less over time. That being said, there are perks that come with contract phone plans (free phones in some cases, special credits, etc.) as well. Basically, both contract and no contract options have their benefits, however in this case, we’re going to consider the pros and cons of no contract phone plans so you can decide the types of plans to purchase here from Sprint on Black Friday.

The Pros
First and foremost, most people opt for no contract phone plans because of the significant savings, the biggest advantage of going this route when compared to what you’d end up paying as a contract consumer. In addition, there are typically less fees as well with no contract phones.

No credit or bad credit? No contract phones are the way to go because in many cases, they don’t require deposits or credit checks. Some people even go the no contract route to ensure that their phone bill will never affect their credit rating. If you have excellent credit those offers from Sprint Black Friday 2014 can be as little as a penny out of pocket.

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of contract free phones. If money’s tight, you can skip paying for phone service until you get back on your feet. Traveling abroad? No problem and if you have an unlocked, GSM based phone you can take your headset along with you and install a SIM card from whatever country you’re visiting.

You own your own phone and if it’s unlocked you switch services whenever you like. In other words, if you’re not satisfied with the services and coverage’s of one service, you can easily switch to another.

Many carriers offer more phones for sale on Black Friday, you will get some decdent deals especially if you’re on a GSM based network. If you are, you can bring almost any device over if it supports your network’s frequencies. This wasn’t always the case, but luckily it is now and the fact that you can use just about any device has definitely changed the playing field.

The Cons
If you choose not to shop on Black Friday you probably don’t get much discount on the phone. While there are still several cell phones that don’t cost an arm and a leg, the fact is that you’ll still end up paying anywhere from around $100 up to $400 (or more) for a decent phone. That’s a hefty, all at once cost for a lot of people. Are you willing to give up those Verizon Wireless Black Friday 2014 deals that require no upfront cost and mail-in rebate? The good news is that a lot of no contract plans these days offer an alternative and that is to pay for the phone of your choice in monthly installments. Something else to keep in mind is that even if you decide to pay for your phone outright, you’ll save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Another negative that comes with a no contract plan is that you may not be a top priority for your carrier. Whether it’s the network priority or coverage zone, in many cases contract plans typically do better in these cases. Basically, it really depends on the reputation of the carrier you decide to go with. For the most part, no contract customer service isn’t as good as the big players out there, but if you stick to a bigger no contract provider you probably won’t run into any problems.


Verizon Wireless Promo Code 2016

If you are a current Verizon Wireless customer you might be wonder how come I don’t get much discount as those who switch from another carrier. The truth is that you can find the right Verizon Wireless promotional code and get the same discount ore even better as long as you are out of current contract.

Verizon Wireless Promo Code
The minimum term to upgrade you Verizon Wireless phone used to be just 22 months. Now Verizon has updated the policy so that everyone has to wait full 2 years to get a full discount on a new mobile phone. Here are some upgrade deals you will get:

  1. Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Verizon Wireless coupon for only $49.99
  2. Add 5 lines to new Verizon Wireless account and get all Galaxy S4 for free
  3. Upgrade to HTC DROID DNA for just a penny (new customer gets the same discount)
  4. BlackBerry Q10 coupon: get this phone for only $0.01
  5. Samsung Galaxy S III is yours for just $0.01 with a contract renewal promotion
  6. Nokia Lumia 928 coupon: it is only a dollar when upgrading to a new Verizon individual or family plan
  7. red hot promotion: $100 bill credit available for new and existing customers

Of course not everyone one is interested in upgrading to a new phone every year. In there aren’t too many reasons to upgrade to a new smart phone for some people. Many phones have more advanced technology built in than your computer used 5 years ago. If you ever need more storage for videos you can simply pop in a microSD memory card. The pixel density on the 5 inch screen can’t keep doubling every year. So there are some valid reasons not to upgrade. On the other hand, for those always want a new phone and keep up with the latest technology has to offer such as faster cellular and WiFi connection, high quality camera, faster processor – you can do so without spending too much with a Verizon Wireless promo code in 2016.

Verizon Wireless Phone
Check if you are eligible for a Verizon upgrade online or visit a local company or authorized store. Those who qualify for the same promotion as new customers can upgrade to any phone as a steep discount. However, you can’t get the same dollar amount of every phone. Some feature phones don’t have high retail price. So the lowest price after discount will be free out of pocket. The exact markdown might be less than $100 even though it appears that you are paying nothing. Some high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4 is normally sold for $650 without contract. But if you are qualified for upgrade then you can has it for low as $199 with a new 2-year service agreement – that way you are actually saving a whopping $450. Combined with promo codes found at you can save additional money too.

What if you are a far away from the contract expiration date? If you have a family shared plan – be sure to check all lines for upgrade eligibility. You can transfer the eligibility from any qualified upgrade line to your own line. Having 5 lines in your family account means you have 5 more chances to upgrade than an individual account.

Whether you decide to upgrade your Verizon cell phone at this time you should choose the right phone carefully. Some Verizon upgrade promo codes have expiration dates.

Those of you want to add a line to their existing account there are promo codes for that too. Verizon wireless has been around for a while; it’s one of the biggest cell phone service providers in the nation. Why so many people are sticking with Verizon Wireless? Is Verizon still as good today as it was years ago? Its network, devices, and support are superior to other carriers. You should add more lines to your account to save even more money.

Verizon Wireless Coupons 2016

A lot of people complain that they feel like Verizon Wireless is an expensive carrier, however, from what we’ve found this just isn’t true. In fact Verizon Wireless is surprisingly inexpensive for the size of network that it provides. The plans are simple and straightforward, they will of course vary depending on your phone, and if you set up a family plan you can get some fairly good discounts.

The plans are some of the simplest ones out there. The base prices for just a normal phone start at $30 a month and for a smart phone start at $40. The prices will change depending on if you want a larger data plan. You can also buy USB modems if you would rather connect your laptop to the internet when you’re on the run, these plans start at $20 a month. When you use coupons on additional lines the saving is enormous.

Get Promo Codes for all Devices
Verizon carries and offers many different devices. Smartphones of course work great with the data plan, as well as the USB modem drives. There are many different options available through Verizon and many different cell phones as well. With the wide variety you will definitely be able to find the device that you like.

Another plus of Verizon Wireless is the Jetpacks that they offer. A Jetpack is a wireless router that you can carry with you and connect your devices to. That way if you need to connect your laptop, phone, iPad, tablet, or anything you own to the internet while you’re on the go, you can do it pretty easily. The internet through the 4G LTE is fast, and you won’t feel like you’re down on power at all. It’s perfect for somebody who is constantly on the move or traveling.

Verizon Wireless is a large company and offers top class support. There is always somebody ready on call for you in case you’re having some problems. They also offer support online through forums, support tickets, meaning there are many different people to help you. Need discount on new lines, or just want to upgrade to a brand new smartphones. Chat with representative online and send him/her an email. Ask for coupon codes if they are available. Being a long time customer can get you special offers that are normally served for new signups.

The other huge plus is that there are many different Verizon Wireless stores available that you can go to for help. Check your local shopping centers to see if there is a Verizon store. If you have any problems you can go in there and get taken care of by a professional. This way you know that you won’t get sent to some call center in India.

Redeeming Your Verizon Wireless Coupons Online
Verizon is one of the best providers in the market, and has been for quite some time. It’s why they’ve been around for so long, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere any times soon. The great thing about Verizon Wireless is that the price is perfect, you don’t have to worry about any confusing pricing plans or any kind of tricky behavior, and they show everything to you up front. The extra coupons you find online will further reduce the price on any smartphone and make adding lines to your current account more affordable. If you’re looking for a provider that is fast, reliable, has great customer service, a wide variety of devices available, and some of the best coverage, than Verizon Wireless is for you.

Perhaps the 2 biggest reasons why people are upgrading their Verizon phones and adding lines are:
Wide Coverage
Verizon has an impressive amount of coverage when it comes to cell phones. One of its biggest selling points is its large coverage. A lot of the Verizon advertising focuses on the wide coverage that the cell phone service provides. Currently Verizon provides the 4G LTE network and it doesn’t matter where you are in the U.S. you will be able to get it. Over 97% of Americans live within the 4G LTE Network, meaning that you generally won’t find yourself in a position where you cannot get any service. The other plus it that the 4G LTE Network is one of the fastest networks around, and you can only get it at Verizon.

Superior Network
One of the pluses of going to a big provider like Verizon is the large network. The 4G LTE Network is one of a kind, and it is why Verizon is so famous. If you want a good reliable network; Verizon is the place for you. No coupon code can get you the most reliable network in America.

Something that we have been impressed with here is the speed of the Verizon network. The network never seems to feel sluggish and is extremely reliable. The 4g LTE network is offered in over 440 different locations. So it’s a good feeling knowing that you’re going to have access to the internet wherever you go just in case you need it.

Likewise the network supplies some great reception. While your phone can influence how clear your voice sounds, the network plays a large role as well. With Verizon we have rarely noticed any problems at all as far as voice quality goes. This is a great thing, since the primary use of a phone is after all still to call people.

The bottom line is that Verizon Wireless offers top quality service on any mobile device. It is the #1 carrier in North America and consistent receive the highest customer satisfaction. You can easily save money on smartphones, tablets, personal MiFi Hotspot, and home phone through use of coupons and promo codes. Get printable coupons and simply copy and paste the code at checkout to receive discount. You can get coupons online or cut from a newspaper to receive competitive price from authorized retail stores too.


Sprint Promo Code 2016

  • New Promotion – $100 instant rebate when you switch to Sprint
  • Free activation deals today
  • Save over $500 on new Samsung Galaxy S4
  • LG G2 on sale for as low as $0.01
  • New, Upgrade, Add a line all get free shipping

With one of the largest networks in the country, it’s no wonder that people are flocking to Sprint in droves. This is partially due to the unique number of plans that the carrier offers, including one with truly unlimited access to data, and a range of phones and devices to choose from. Though some users complain about poor coverage, in major cities and well-populated areas, Sprint has one of the most comprehensive coverage maps available. With Sprint promo codes you won’t have to pay premium price on a premium smartphone.

Among its other great features are unlimited talk and text—which come standard with every single data package, as well as the ability to choose a pay-as-you-go plan, over a contract. They have even begun offering a new slate of plans that include an “Unlimited Guarantee,” meaning that no matter how they adjust the parameters of their plans, yours will remain unlimited. This is a great deal for those who have been burned by other networks and their ever-shifting plans. Use promo codes for plan savings.

Sprint Coupons Save You Over $1000

Sprint Promo Code
There are a wide range of different plans to choose from, so it is not difficult to find one that meets your exact needs and budget. The newly released “Framily” plan makes it even easier to get discounts, even if you are not the one paying the entirety of the bill. The only real restriction on plans comes down to what kind of phone you want to purchase, so keep that in mind as you start searching for phones. Some of their smartphones may only be eligible for certain plans—though they are likely to be exactly the kinds of plans that you will need in order to make the most of that phone.

Cheap Rate Plans – Sprint Promotion
Sprint was the first wireless network to offer 4G service to their users, and they are still at the forefront of speed and technology. They are also at the forefront of all wireless communications. Though the emphasis is on cellphones, they also offer a wide range of other communications, including services for enterprises and other businesses, from hot-spots to internet services.

As far as plans go, they operate, like most mobile networks, off of a strata system. With talk and text being unlimited as part of their standard deal, the user must then choose from the strata of data packages in order to decide how much they need and what they want to pay. In the new “Framily” plan, each individual user selects how much data they need for their individual usage. For some people, it may be as little as a two gigs, while others may need up to six or eight gigs. Hot-spots come standard at 5GB.

It is possible, if you are an extremely heavy phone user, if your phone is the hub of your work and communication, to purchase unlimited data. This is a feature that almost no other mobile networks offer, and one of the main reasons that users are defecting from other mobile phone companies to Sprint. If data overages have plagued you on a different network, Sprint has the solution, and at a price that most people can actually afford without using any promo code.

Sprint also offers a healthy non-contract plan, allowing users to pay based on how much data, minutes, and texts they actually use in a month. If you are not an avid phone user, or need a phone only for certain situations, which will not cause you to rack up too many minutes in a month, this can be a great, money-saving alternative.

HTC One for Sprint
Large Phone and Device Selections at incredible discount
Like all major American mobile networks, Sprint offers the latest and greatest in phones and devices, from almost every brand and in almost every model. There are, of course, still a strata of basic phones, for the user who neither needs nor cares about gaming, video streaming, or enhanced smartphone features. Aside from these phones, there is a line of baseline smartphones, for the casual user who may want to play games on the phone during a commute, but does not need a phone that does any heavy lifting. You can get deals like free phones and free accessories with Sprint promotion codes.

For the avid user, there are a number of great choices to choose between. Sprint offers all the flagship phones from all of the major manufacturers, including Apple, Sony, and Samsung. Whether you want an iPhone, a Galaxy, or a Lumia, Sprint has a phone that will fit your specific needs and preferences. All of these phones come in variety of finishes, data packages, and storage capabilities, so be sure to research your purchase thoroughly and apply discount code whenever possible. The only downside of having such a wide array of phones to choose from is that it may be difficult to narrow your choices down to just one phone. Sprint has the full line of new phones and devices from Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung, Windows, and even Google.

Customer Service
Sprint has won many awards for their customer service prowess, topping all other mobile networks for years. With the ability to both chat online and call in for assistance, there are a number of different avenues users can take in order to find answers to questions about their plan or their phone. With service centers located in America and representatives thoroughly trained in every aspect of Sprint’s services, it is easy to find solutions for any problem you may have. You may also call customer service and ask for available discount codes on new and upcoming mobile devices.

Enjoy savings with more Sprint coupon codes
Sprint is easily in the top five mobile networks in America, and for good reason. With great customer service and a great selection of phones and plans, Sprint is working diligently to improve their download speeds and their coverage. Click on any promo code in this post the enjoy exclusive online discount to new and existing Sprint customers. With the ability to access unlimited data or to pick a data plan at a great rate, much lower than other carriers, Sprint is a great option for anyone looking for the best service at a better price.


Rosetta Stone Promo Code

As global trade continues to expand, it is becoming more and more essential for workers to become bilingual. Obviously, international speakers must speak the language of the people with whom they most commonly trade. However, employers are beginning to require that workers who do not work with international clients also speak a foreign language. In the United States, the most common second language required by an employer is Spanish. And due to the ever increasing Hispanic population within the United States there is a strong demand for the Hispanic popular to learn Ingles. Learning a language can seem scary and difficult, but thankfully, with software programs such as Rosetta Stone, learning a second language is not only possible, but also very doable and very fun – at discount (no promo code required).

Rosetta Stone Ingles
The thought of learning a foreign language is terrifying to many American adults. After all, the educated classes all around the globe speak English, so why should they have to step away from the comfort of their mother tongue. As mentioned above, the United States is becoming an increasingly bilingual country, and although Americans could sit around and complain about this, they must adapt. Many American adults who are required to learn a second language by their employer are busy professionals. They are already trying to balance the hectic schedule of a family, career and leisure, and simply do not have time to fit hours of language learning classes into their schedule each week. Thankfully, this is Rosetta Stone steps in. You can visit to learn more about the latest tv offers.

The creators of the Rosetta Stone Englis language learning problem understand that many people trying to learn a language are busy. Therefore, they try to make the language learning software available from anywhere. RosettaStone Ingles students can utilize the program on their home computer, on the internet or even on apps and mp3’s to help them be advancing their Ingles language skills not matter where they are or what they are doing.

The gem of the Rosetta Stone program is that it has crafted its program to fit how humans naturally learn language. The classes are not spent memorizing flashcards or practicing writing advanced English grammar. After all, this is not how English speaking toddlers learned how to speak English. Instead, the program teaches students to be able to match a word or a phrase with an object. After the student can successfully do this, the student learns how to string sentences together by their new vocabulary words. By structuring sentences, they automatically learn the verb conjugations that so many traditional Ingles classes focus on. Finally, Rosetta Stone realizes that speaking language is key to language learning, and why many people learn a language in the first place. Therefore, the software allows students to speak to the software, which recognizes if the student is speaking correctly. Not only does the program make sure that the student is saying the word correctly, it also makes sure that the student is using the correct tone. has made English language learning easy for people all around the globe, even in busy corporate America. Check out this page and see if the course is the right fit for you. The program has been so successfully, that even organizations such as the United States military have begun to utilize it. If this program is good enough for the American military, it is good enough for any American.


Use Moto G Coupon to Save up to $200

Moto GMoto G is a Motorola phone which is closely related to Moto X although it is really not a variant of Moto X. Moto G has a curved back which rests properly and comfortably on the palm. Its measurements are 0.6 mm wider and longer than those of Moto X and its thickest point is 1.2 mm thicker than that of Moto X. This phone has a case with grip material and flip covers with dimples. Moto G has a screen display of 4.5 inches and no physical buttons on the bezel below the screen. Onscreen buttons will however appear when needed. At the top of the screen is a metallic speaker grill, a notification light which is white and the front camera.

Moto G’s 4.5 inch screen has a resolution of 720 pixels spread evenly and this amounts to a density of 329 pixels per inch. Its colors are also intense. There is a Gorilla Glass shield which repels grease from fingerprints regardless of how sweaty the fingers become. Moto G is an android phone which runs on Jelly Bean (Android version 4.3). It comes already pre-loaded with services from Google. Moto G has a modest camera of 5 megapixels which is very versatile and takes nice shots. The front camera has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels and it is useful when it comes to taking selfies in well-lit areas and making Skype calls. The camera app used is the Motorola camera app and it comes already pre-loaded.

Snapdragon 400The Moto G device runs on a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 SoC quad core processor of 1.23 Ghz. It also has a RAM of 1 GB and its performance is relatively close to other high-end devices having bigger and better Snapdragons. Its connectivity to the internet is quick on both mobile and desktop websites as long as a stable connection is available. Moto G comes with an internal memory of either 8 GB or 16 GB. The model that comes with 8 GB has 5.52 GB only that are accessible to the user. However, there is no expansion slot for a micro SD. Location of places using GPS on this device is accurate and quick and it has a 4.0 Bluetooth module which is fast at pairing with other devices as soon as they are discovered.

Given its performance capability, the Moto G is currently priced at $199 for the model with 16 GB internal memory and $179 for the model with 8 GB internal memory. Although its camera is not that powerful and it lacks a micro SD slot, this phone is all rounded and it is the best phone in its price range available on the market. Some online retailers offer promo code that cuts the price to $0 with a contract. Read this post to get the latest information on how much you can save from carriers when you buy the phone online. Visit the site here for more coupon codes for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.


Top 5 Things to Buy on Black Friday

Every year, at the end of November, avid shoppers wait for Black Friday, sometimes camping outside their favorite stores for hours before they open. Others prefer to do their shopping online, while still others proclaim that the discounts you get aren’t worth the hassle you have to go through. While there are some products that aren’t worth the Black Friday wait, there are plenty that are. Here’s a handy list of the products that you’ll want to be searching for as this holiday season starts.

1. Smartphones and Tablets

smartphones 2013
With tablet prices falling right now anyway, Black Friday could be the perfect time to get a decent quality tablet for under $100. And don’t be surprised to get one for free at AT&T, although you have to commit to a 2-year service plan. Those tablets will have less memory and processing power than the more expensive ones, so you may not be able to store lots of movies and music on them, but if you’re more interested in streaming your media anyway, you won’t even notice the difference. If you’ve never had a tablet and don’t know if you want one, this is a good chance to pick up an inexpensive option and try it out. For those who prefer something smaller, the Black Friday deal on Galaxy S4 can be just as enticing. Expect saving of $100 or more.

2. Standalone GPS Devices

Have you noticed how you hardly ever see a standalone GPS mounted on a car dashboard anymore? That’s because, these days, it is far more common for people to use their smartphones for navigation. That means GPS prices are dropping, and you can expect huge discounts this November. Why get a GPS instead of using your smartphone? Navigation apps can be a huge draw on your phone’s battery and data plan. For longer trips, you’ll want something that works on its own.

3. Televisions

Although you won’t find the best deals on TVs until January, when old models are discontinued and new ones arrive, you can still find some great Black Friday sales. They won’t be the latest models, but you may be able to find something newer than the one you have now. Make sure you do a little research on brands and models you might be interested in, rather than getting hooked into buying a lesser option.

4. Laptops

Like with televisions, you won’t be getting the newest laptops when you shop for them on Black Friday. Processing power and memory may be relatively low. That does not mean you can’t get a good deal, though! If you’re wanting to play lots of graphics-heavy games, you may have to hold off and buy one at full price, but if all you need is a laptop for work or school assignments, any of the ones you find after Thanksgiving should do the trick.

5. DVDs

Black Friday is an incredible time to pick up discounts on DVD items that are usually expensive, such as entire seasons of TV shows or collector’s boxed sets. Individual DVDs are often priced so cheaply that it’s cheaper to buy it than rent a streaming copy of it. Both in-store and online sales are known for impressively low DVD prices, so check out multiple locations if you’re having trouble finding what you want. If you have a movie lover in your family, now is the perfect time to stock up on Christmas or birthday gifts for them.


Audible Promo Code Offers 50% Off

When it comes to shopping online many of you know where to find coupon codes so that you can save a few bucks on the item or shipping fees. But do you know that you can use Audible promo code to buy audiobooks at Audible offers free trial membership for 30 days so you experience the convenience and joy of listening to book while in traveling or exercising at the gym.

All the New York Times best sellers are available through Audible at the same time the new books release. There are over 150,000 titles to choose from, including mysteries and thrillers, history, sci-fi and fantasy, classics, science and technology, romance, fiction, kids, education, and many more categories. In case you are not sure what books to pick, you can browse through award winners, customer favorites, and popular features. Or if you prefer some writers you can browse by their names too. You can learn the latest audio books such as The Cuckoo’s Calling at

Talk about reading a book anywhere and anytime, audiobook is the best option. First you can store thousands of books in a tiny mp3 player. Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone – you can download the Audible app and start listening to books right away, even before the book finishes download. So, instead of carry a paperback, or an iPad, or a Kindle, all you need is something that you have to carry every day – a smartphone. For those who like the old fashion way of listening, you can burn the audiobook to a CD and listen to it at home or in your car. Most of the cars today are equipped with USB port so you can easily plug in your mp3 player or smartphone and start listening to every book you’ve downloaded.

Audible coupon codes
Plan Price
By using Audible coupon codes you will save a lot on all the popular audiobook. After 30 days of free trial you will get a new book for only $14.99 every month, saving over 50% off the non-member price. If you are not 100% satisfied with the book you just purchased, simply exchange it for a different title at anytime. Customer support is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whatever questions you may have you can be assisted via email, phone, or live chat.

Whether you are a frequent reader or just want to browse a few popular books occasionally Audible has something that fit your habit. Use Audible promo codes to shop for the bestselling books today and ramp up your summer reading. Click here to learn how to use coupons online to save on the Audible membership. The monthly plans starts at just $14.99 a month with 1 book credit each month. You can opt for 2 books a month for $22.95/month. This is most flexible plan and you can cancel anytime. You can try it the first month for free. If you are in the mood of reading, then the annual plans will be good fit for you. Get 12 books all at once for just $149.95, that’s just a little over $12 for a book. Want to boost up your summer reading plans – get 24 books all at once for just $229.50, that’s just a little over $9 for each book. This is the best value plan for those who read over 20 books a year.

Audible is simplely the best choice for casual and seriously book lovers. Stay tuned for more upcoming promotions.


Use Coupon Codes to Buy HTC One

htc one black
HTC One is available from Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless. The regular retail price is $200. However, using a Sprint promo code will save you additional $100. The only catch is that you have to bring your mobile phone number to Sprint. The process is easy. You don’t need to cancel your existing contract with current carrier. Sprint will port the number for you. It takes only a few minutes.

HTC One is the most beautiful Android phone in the market today and has been in hot demand. HTC just couldn’t make enough of it to deliver to everyone. Due the strong demand and short supply, many people haven’t had the chance to buy it until now. Why it’s so attractive? First of all, the all new unibody design is something that no other Android phone makers have done. The overall body build is strengthened will aluminum. The rounded corner is shaped nicely without leaving too much of an angular look. Compared with Galaxy’s plastic cover and fake metal edge, the HTC One seems to be a more solid smartphone.

HTC One makes improves on every aspect of smartphone making. High resolution Super LCD screen is by far the most beautiful screen. It packs over 468 pixels into a 4.7-inch screen, that’s 1,920×1,080 HD resolution on such gorgeous display. The all new Snapdragon 600, which boosts quad core processing power and 2GB of RAM and super fast graphics, also find its home inside the HTC One.

The HTC One is not a cheap phone, nor was it ever meant to be made cheap. The all aluminum body feels strong and premium. But you don’t have to pay premium price for it. Using a promo code here will save you 50% off the new contract price. You will either buy with a wireless plan or get a refurbished unit with extra discount. The refurbished device is not much different than a brand new device. It’s been purchased and returned, but the constitution is excellent and includes all the original accessories.

htc one white
Although HTC one uses Android 4.1 (not the last 4.2 like on the Galaxy S4), all the cool features you expect from Android and Google are built into the phone. On top that, you can customize your phone with HTC Sense, which gives you more choice of how to control your apps and other important features.

The only drawback that some user might think of is the internal storage – you can only choose 32GB or 64GB and it’s not upgradable. Unlike all other Android smartphones, the HTC One opts for not including the microSD card slot to keep the design simple. That’s something the iPhone has always been done. Not a deal breaker for most of consumers – 32GB is plenty of storage. Photos and videos are being archived in Flickr and YouTube with virtually unlimited space.

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